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LOGO YELLOW (222, 172, 11)  #deac0b

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Event Link Patterns

Base link: or

Specific date range: ?start=22-06-01&end=2022-06-30

Show more days than present from date clicked: ?r=days&n=7

Specific keywords: ?term=story+time

Specific event type: ?t=story+time

Specific ages: ?a=teens

Calendar view: ?v=grid   (default view is "list")

Compound example: ?term=story+time&r=days&n=7&a=childrens,preschool

If you’re using more than one filter in a particular group (e.g. multiple age groups) place a comma between your words. If you’d like to use multiple types of filters simply place an ampersand in between your filters. You can also use location (l) but since we only have one branch this isn't as useful.

More filter tips and codes at

Children's Area


  • Help desk
  • Childrens play area
  • Catalog search computers


  • Picture books
  • Easy-reader books
  • Childrens chapter books
  • Childrens graphic novels
  • Fairytales
  • Childrens DVDs
  • Childrens Audiobooks
  • New childrens books
  • Childrens magazines
  • Videogames
  • Teen books
  • New teen books

Top Floor


  • Help desk
  • Quiet study area
  • Catalog search computer
  • Document scanner
  • Microform machine


  • Nonfiction (adult & children)
  • Teen graphic novels
  • Biography (adult & children)
  • Nonfiction DVDs (adult & children)
  • Non-English materials (Spanish & Chinese)
  • Local history
  • Reference

Main Floor


  • Help desk
  • Public computer stations
  • Catalog search computer
  • Study areas
  • Restrooms
  • Printer & copier


  • Fiction
  • Science fiction
  • Mystery
  • Large print
  • LDS
  • Christian fiction
  • Paperbacks
  • New books
  • Audiobooks
  • DVDs
  • Library of Things
  • Magazines



  • Study rooms
  • Box Elder Literacy office

Block Management

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  • Side bars 3 or 4 width snaps from right side.
  • Check that order & spacing look good in mobile format.
  • Duplicate blocks and change visibility settings to adjust layout for different screen sizes.

QuickLinks Box

  • Common link-outs
  • Use "Custom Style 2" on content block settings (adds border and grey background)

"Custom Style 3" makes the block or container background grey with square corners. Good for alternating row visibility.

(Change or add Custom Styles in Custom CSS)

"Custom Style 4" makes the block or container background grey with rounded corners. Good for blurb bubbles.

Set  content blocks inside container blocks with modified spacing to keep bubbles from bleeding into each other.

(Change or add Custom Styles in Custom CSS)


Add description for accessibility & image load failure
  • Images in their own block when possible.
  • DO NOT USE CAPTIONS. Makes impossible to delete/edit.


  • Use this order: Anchor, span, strong (if needed), text.
  • Add a style with "none" text decoration to the anchor tag.



<a href="..." style="text-decoration: none;">

<span class="button">






<a href="..." style="text-decoration: none;"

<span class="button-yellow">